Uh-oh - One Direction's trend is catching on and it's made its way to Chelsea!

So, apart from obvious Spencer Matthews Being A PratTM behaviour (i.e., boasting that he’s still having sex with ex, Louise Thompson – before inviting queen of mean Lucy Watson to Paris – GRIM), last night’s Made In Chelsea struck me mainly for one reason.

Jamie Laing‘s new tattoo.

Ew, ew, ew.

Who are you trying to fool, Jamie?

You’re totally ripping off Harry Styles, One Direction, and their dismal collection of tatts.

Jamie‘s got, see above, a brand new, and totally horrid Peter Pan tattoo (sorry about the bloody plaster pic, guys).

I can fly!’ declared Jamie.

No, hon, you can’t – unless it’s in Daddy’s private jet.

And even I agreed with Spencer Matthews FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE when Spennie cracked up over it.

Jamie, leave the silly tattoos to Harry, Zayn and co.

You’re funny enough already without em!

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