Last night's episode showed us the many faces of Spencer Matthews (and we've screen-grabbed them all for you, too)

So, we’re nearing the end of series four of Made In Chelsea – and Spencer Mathews is misbehaving. Again.

Click through my gallery of photos, above, to see Spencer, and his wide range of faces – from ‘faux concerned’ to plain old pervy, they’re all there.


And the worst of it? I think Spencer might be up to his old philandering tricks again.

After being loved up with girlfriend Louise Thompson for all of, oh, two months, Spencer last night decided to drop the bombshell on Louise that he wants to move in with the ‘bois’ (Proudlock, Francis – and, um, her ex Jamie).


Understandably she was worried that he would have wild after parties and bring random girls back to his new crash pad.

And Spencer‘s response to reassure his now-crying girlfriend?

‘If I wanted to sleep with other girls I could. But I don’t.’ Oh, right then, Spenny. Nowt to worry about there.

‘Are you insinuating that if I move in with Jamie we’re going to have orgies?’ He carried on as Louise blubbed. Well, we wouldn’t put it past you, Spencer.

Especially when, at the end of the episode, we saw a teaser for next week – when Spencer SWAPS NUMBERS with Lucy Watson.

AKA the girl who has declared herself a ‘player’.

Earlier in the episode she spoke abut her attraction to Spencer (to some posh interchangeable mate.) ‘I go for bad boys and alpha males. There is someone. It’s forbidden territory. It’s Spencer.’

This was after she dumped starey-but-amazingly-gorgeous Andy Jordan.

‘I wanna talk about thuuuuuuuusss,’ she said to Andy. ‘It’s coming to an end. I feel like it’s kind of… died. When I’m not with you, I’m not thinking about you.’

How polite of you, Lucy. And poor Andy. Who took it on the chin (but looked upset, obvs.)

Though I think lovely Louise should watch out – Spencer might break her heart again – maybe we can finally see Louise hook up with Andy?

And what a dastardly duo Spencer and Lucy could make…