I think Coronation Street's Julie Goodyear is ready to fill Jasmine's shoes

Jasmine Lennard – sob – crashed out of Celebrity Big Brother last night. What’s wrong with you, viewers? Now we’re left with insipid Rhian Sugden. Borrrrring.

As chief drama queen, Jasmine made the CBB house one of the most explosive to date.

So it’s over to Julie Goodyear to take Jasmine‘s ‘queen bitch’ crown. Julie is as sharp as a drawer full of knives and she’s playing games. Don’t be fooled by the matronly exterior, guys.

She even played with Jasmine‘s emotions towards the end of her stay, in scenes we’ll see tonight.

When Jasmine finds out that Julie, who has ‘adopted’ Jasmine as her daughter in the house, has actually been rubbishing Jasmine to others, including Jasmine‘s arch-rival Rhian, Jasmine is hurt.

Of course, Jasmine isn’t innocent in any way – but she is a lost soul. So finding out that her mother-figure isn’t on her side comes as a shock to her.

I actually felt sorry for Jasmine – it was uncomfortable viewing.

Julie‘s also been a meanie to Coleen Nolan, and has now taken up with Julian Clary as her chief confidante (don’t do it, Julian!)

Julie definitely knows how to create real life drama – and she’s very skilled at it after spending years on the cobbles in Coronation Street.

You’ve got to love a panto-style baddie in the CBB house. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t take things too far.

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