I can't wait to see Joey doing belly flops in his Speedos alongside Tom Daley

So, Splash starts on ITV1 in the New Year.

Hailing from Holland (like all amazing reality TV – Big Brother, etc!), the show has been a huuuuuge success over there – and the format has now been snapped up in the UK, as well as the States.

And guess what the premise is? Celebs learning to dive. Simples.

We’ve already got Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing On Ice and plain old celebs-stuck-in-a-houses-and-jungles reality shows, so diving is going to be refreshing.

Remember Channel 4’s The Games?

I loved watching celebrities getting competitive. Sport brings out the best – and the very worst in people. Tee hee!

And tying in nicely with the Olympics, we have lovely Tom Daley as coach on the show.


Check out the YouTube video at the end of this blog to see the orginal Dutch version of the show. Belly flops, bikinis, bulgy bits – what more could you want?!

And more amazing news? TOWIE‘s Joey Essex has signed up to appear on the show, along side Jordan‘s ex, Leandro Penna.

Can Joey even swim? Will his fake tan turn the swimming pool orange? Will Sam Faiers turn up poolside to cheer her man on? I can’t wait to find out.

I can bet you one thing – Joey will be sporting the reemest, and tightest trunks around. And Splash will totally wash away my January blues. 

Joey’s sure to go far on the show – even if it’s just for his comedy value.

But who knows? Joey could actually be the next Tom Daley… maybe!


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