Aussie Big Brother contestant can be a real pain

The Big Brother housemates are right – John James is an arrogant f*ck.

That guy liner is definitely dodgy and the constant self-justification is so wearing. The voice just goes on and on and on.

Mario hates John James‘ Dr Jekyll evil side, he says, but I think he means John James‘ inner Mr Hyde – a creature free of conscience.

I’m glad Josie has dumped him – for now, at least.

Yeah, Corin is being a big girl’s blouse not wanting to appear on TV without her make-up, but I find it hard to really get inside the head of a woman with the weirdest painted on eyebrows I’ve ever seen.

If she wants to load her eyelashes with 28 coats of mascara every day and walk around in wigs to make herself feel good, that’s her prerogative.

I suspect that without her little routine with the slap, she’d go completely gaga.

John James refused to wear a crab suit and was rightly called a hypocrite by the housemates. Even Sam Pepper and best pal JJ told him he was being a dick.

He was finally shamed by JJ who didn’t even flinch when given a giant body suit and boxing gloves to wear.

Of course, the house flooding meant John James got to abandon his loathed outfit but that didn’t stop him kicking off again.

While everyone enjoyed the drama of the storm and the fun of sleeping on inflatable mattresses, John James wasn’t happy at all.

This is a man who can’t fly economy because he must have a comfy bed! Doesn’t Big Brother understand they’re dealing with an Australian Prince?

Go home, Mr Hyde, go home. Bring back that nice affable Dr Jekyll.


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