The wait is over. The best show on TV is back, and it's as amazing as ever. If a bit hairier...

OK, I promise I won’t be annoying and do spoilers. Because that isn’t fair.

But I have seen the first two episodes of season six of Mad Men, and they don’t disappoint.

The end of season five ended with that look from Don Draper (gorgeous Jon Hamm) – you know, the sex eyes.

After managing to stay faithful to new wife Jessica Pare for the whole of series five (well done Don!), Don‘s head was turned by a blonde in a bar – and the season ended on the cliffhanger look’ – does Don cheat on Megan or not?

My personal theory (which has nothing to do with last night’s episode), was YES, YES, YES.

With Megan beginning to forge her own successful career as an actress and become more independent, and Don haunted by the suicide of his colleague Lane Pryce – bringing back even more ghosts for Don as he became troubled again by the memories of his brother Adam’s suicide back in series one – we saw the old Don back in business.

The hard drinking, womanising, kick-ass in the boardroom Don. The troubled man with secrets to hide.

Whatever, he’s sexier when he’s stressed. Drool!

Season six kicks off with Don and Megan on holiday in Hawaii. Which means women, other than Megan, scantily clad. If you get my drift.

Don‘s daughter, Sally, is now 14 and woah, does she have an attitude problem (well, with a mother like Betty, wouldn’t you?)

SterlingCooperDraperPryce has – gasp – a new staircase and a whole new upstairs, too (actually, this is a massive deal for the ad agency that’s been so close to going under in the past).

Oh, and as it’s 1968, and we’re edging ever closer to the 70s, the men are all sporting some very, er, interesting facial hair. One word: sideburns. Bar Don, obviously. He’s still got the best hair on Madison Avenue.

Is he ever not sexy? Er, no.

Tune in tonight for actual amazing storylines. See, I didn’t want to ruin it for you – but I bet that’s whet your appetite.

Welcome back, Mad Men. How we’ve missed you!

Mad Men is on Sky Atlantic tonight at 10pm.

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