Lee's been worried he'll be viewed as a ‘player'. So stop snogging everyone then!

The trials and tribulations of Blue‘s Lee Ryan

First he does stuff like say: Who gives a f*ck about New York when elephants are being killed?’ in the wake of 9/11 (no, really). He claimed that this New York thing is being blown out of proportion’.

Errrr. Yeah. 

Then he did some drunk driving and got banned for 18 months.

He then met his babymama on Myspace (they split), and also secretly fathered a daughter with someone else, called, get this, Blubelle Ryan (um, cool name… kinda like me calling my future child Nowbelle, right? Nice). 

Oh, Lee. Lee, Lee, Lee!

I still totally fancy him though.

He seems genuinely quite lovely and affable (if silly, and not the brightest spark), and I bet he gives good hugs. Plus he has the voice of an angel. And he’s from south London, as am I, so yeah. 


No, Lee, no! Naughty boy.

After asking to cool off his relationship with glamour model Casey Batchelor, he then did a U-turn and snogged her.

He then secretly hopped into bed with Jasmine Waltz – and even worse, later disappeared into the bathroom with her, where there are no cameras.

We can only guess what happened in there.

Poor Casey.

But… this is the best CBB in AGES. And I can’t wait to see what happens next in Lee‘s tangled web of celeb lovin’… bring it on.

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