Oh my God... what are you doing, Lee?!

I’m not easily shocked, but last night’s Celebrity Big Brother was ohmyGoddd-inducing.

The housemates were set an 18-rated task, and were ordered to make an S&M-style blue movie.

And oh, it was GOLD. But scary.

Producers had to tone down the scenes – and apparently much of it was too rude to broadcast even after the watershed. 

Big Brother stuck Lee Ryan, Lionel Blair, Ollie Locke, Sam Faiers, Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz into an adult-themed club’ and made them wear PVC bondage costumes.

Which looked great on the likes of Jasmine and Luisa, but Lionel and Lee in PVC… oh, gosh!

I think I am scarred for life at Lionel Blair shouting suck my…’ – and NO, I’m not writing the end of that sentence. You can guess. 

Poor 82-year-old Lionel was visibly upset once the task had finished.

But the worst bit was Lee Ryan sucking Ollie Locke‘s toes… and then pole dancing.

Um, just LOOK.

Yes, sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.

This is definitely the most absurd CBB of all time. And my retinas will never recover.

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