Life After People proves that cats are better than dogs once and for all...

If you wanted to realise just how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things, don’t audition for Britain’s Got Talent, simply watch Life After People instead.

The Channel 4 documentary took a look at just how much of a mark the human race would leave if we were all wiped out over night and nature took over. The outcome? Basically we would all be forgotten very quickly. So far, so depressing.

However, it did produce one of my favourite facts of the year. Once humans have gone, dogs would last barely a few weeks. Meanwhile, 200 hundred years after humans have breathed their last cats are evolutionary winners, Not only are cats still going strong, but they’re at the top of their food chain and may even have evolved, like squirrels, to be able to fly from tree to tree. How cool and slightly scary is that?

Quite frankly to me it has come as no surprise. My cats Kofi and Marvin [the one with the one eye] clearly see me as a tenant in their house. I occasionally gives them fuss [when they feel like it] and give them second-rate own brand cat biscuits when they would be much happier butchering the local wildlife.

Cats may always be made out to be the bad guys, but quite frankly when the revolution comes I know whose side I’m on.