I will be glued to my TV if these two go into the CBB house

So, Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight. Yippee!

I loved the last series – Jasmine Lennard was a crazy so-and-so, Mike The Situation’ from Jersey Shore had basically no brain (which is always good), and Julie Goodyear was pure poison.

It was bitchy, brilliant and I can’t wait for the new series tonight – it will definitely banish my January blues just a little bit.

And of those celebs rumoured to be going into the house, who am I most excited about?

Only two of Hollywood’s trashiest stars, Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Montag. Obvs!

We won’t know for 100% certain who’s going in until tonight (and it’s all being kept under special lock and sparkly key), but both starlets have been hanging around London in a suspicious manner.

Lindsay‘s more of a wildcard – I honestly can’t be sure if she’ll really do the show – but she has got debts that need to be paid, so even a cameo role on CBB would be a big cash injection for her.

She’s got to be back in America on 15 January for a court date, but that would still be plenty of time for the little madam to wreak havoc in the house.

Add The HillsSpeidi (that’s Heidi, and her husband Spencer – they come as a dastardly duo) into the mix, and you’ve got TV gold.

Tune into Channel 5 at 9pm tonight to find out exactly who does enter the house!

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