Casey, get some self-respect... offering Lee Ryan a blow job on Celebrity Big Brother is desperate - even if you're just trying to annoy Jasmine Waltz

Warning: this blog isn’t woman-bashing in any way.

Women should have all the freedom they want – sexual or otherwise.

BUT. I am disappointed in Casey Batchelor‘s behaviour on Celebrity Big Brother.

After Jasmine Waltz was evicted from the house last week, I thought the CaseyLeeJasmine love triangle was over.

Lee Ryan had clearly chosen’ Jasmine.

Casey‘d had had her heart messed about with by Lee – and had cried on telly over it. She’d declared herself over him, and in my opinion, been quite strong about being played by him in front of the nation.

The thing is, she’s now clearly flirting with him again. And it’s not a good look!

Lee is a player. Needless to say, he’s the dirty dog here.

But Casey, stop! Think! We all want to see romance on TV. But this is making you look silly. Really silly.

Having earlier on in the show declared herself horny’, Casey then went on to announce, Be careful tonight, Lee, I’m drinking.’

She stroked his neck, she lay all over him, and she even said – yes! – the words, Do you want a blow job?’

Oh, cringe!

Maybe Casey‘s just trying to annoy Lee‘s CBB squeeze Jasmine – and if so, it’s working.

Jasmine Tweeted, NO Casey!! He doesn’t want to drink with you and he doesn’t want your snagle teeth on his dick and he doesn’t care your horny #Uneedasmack’.

Er, yeah. No, I’m not condoning violence. But Casey. Step away from Lee Ryan‘s private areas, post-haste!

He doesn’t want you – he wants Jasmine. He’s just using you for cuddles, attention and affection until he gets out of the house and back between her legs.

On a side note, producers – bring Jasmine back! It would be the best twist ever.

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