I've been watching Mad Men again from the start and it's just as amazing as ever

So, I’m obsessed with Mad Men.

I was a late-starter to the show, and only started watching it when series 5 aired – but that was actually the most amazing thing ever, because I got to watch five seasons. In one go.

If I remember rightly, I had the flu at the time. Maybe it was the fever, but I got so absorbed in the Mad Men world that I basically forgot about my life.

I salivated over Don Draper (Jon Hamm) like every other girl on the planet.

I gazed upon Christina Hendrickspneumatic bosom (sorry, but you can’t not), and giggled at her queen-of-mean put downs as office manager Joan Holloway.

I loved the journey Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) went on from mousey secretary to ballsy copywriter, and got all feminist and proud abut her high-flying career.

And I mourned for Betty (January Jones). Everything about Betty – her sadness, her weirdness, the breakdown of her American Dream marriage to Don (I’m still gunning for them to get back together).

And rumour has it that the show – which is literally THE most awesome thing in the world, ever – is back in spring.

So last weekend I took the plunge and started watching my box set from series one. And it was SO worth it.

I’ve noticed details I never did first time round.

I have cried. I have been dazzled. I have wanted to go shopping for pastel dresses, drink Old Fashioned cocktails (they’re SO good) and smoke fags in inappropriate places.

I’ve just finished season one, and I’ll be sticking season two on my DVD player tonight. I recommend all fans should do the same.

It’s sort of bittersweet – I love the show so much that with every episode I watch, I remember we’re getting closer to the end of the whole thing.

Writer Matthew Weiner has stated that he knows what’s going to happen in the end. I have my own theories. I won’t share, I’ll probably be wrong.

Anyways. Mad Men fans, rejoice – the wait is almost over. 2013 will see Don Draper and co back on TV.

I can’t wait.