Things are off to an explosive start - look away now if you don't like expletives

Made In Chelsea is back for season six – YES, YES, YES!

I’ve been waiting forever. Seriously.

And it’s returned with a big, sweary bang (don’t let your nan watch it).

Now, I thought posh schools taught manners, but last night’s amazing episode was full of the F word.

When Lucy Watson wasn’t sunning herself in a bikini (and looking fit), she was dropping bombshells on the poor sensitive soul that is Andy Jordan.

Whilst draped in some kind of fluffy shawl that I really, really want, Lucy told Andy the news that no man would want to hear about his girlfriend.

Louise was at a house party and there were guys there and stuff. And she was taking her top off and had her tits out and was sitting on all the guys’ laps,’ Lucy claimed, before crying.

Um, WOW.

She then called Louise, A f*cking bitch.’

Louise, you are one naughty, naughty girl.

Andy then promptly dumped Louise.

Her evil ex, Spencer Matthews, (who by the way, appears to have been on a diet – clap clap, Spennie!) came to comfort Louise.

But not before he had confided in Jamie Laing, I’d have sex with all my exes. That’s why they were my girlfriends in the first place.’


Oh, and some annoying dude called Miffy turned up. He looks a bit like Joey Essex, and didn’t do much apart from say, Sweet house, sweet garden, sweet bird, maaaan.’

I hate you already, Miffy.

God, I’m glad MIC‘s back!

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