I never thought I'd say this, but I have so much respect for Lucy Watson right now

I’m in love with Made In Chelsea‘s resident ice queen, Lucy Watson. She’s my number one person on the show right now. Seriously!

It was revealed on Monday’s Made In Chelsea end of season TV ‘party’ that Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson have split.

Why? Because he cheated. Like, durrr. A leopard (be it a rather paunchy one) never changes its spots.

Even host Rick Edwards lost his temper with Spencer, saying: ‘I like you – but what the f*ck is wrong with you?!’

It is pretty baffling.

Now magazine has exclusively interviewed Lucy this week – and she’s revealed to us that Spennie cheated not once, not twice, not thrice – but EIGHT times.

In Lucy‘s words to Now: ‘He’s got a problem. Why would you throw everything away to be with a stranger? I’m convinced he has some form of problem.’

You’re telling me, Lucy!

Last week, Binky Felstead told me: He cheated on Lucy quite a few times. She is devastated. I think he is an idiot.’

However, I think Lucy‘s doing the best job EVER of getting over Spencer.

Appearing in a gorgeous shoot for Now? Check.

Making an amazing video blog for Now on how to get over an ex? Check. (Click here to see it – it’s bloody brilliant. Wise words, Lucy, wise words.)

And confronting her man on telly, days after finding out he’d cheated? Check.

Lucy calls Spencer ’embarrassing’ and ‘selfish’ on the show, before telling him in no uncertain terms: ‘After [the show] is finished, please do not EVER speak to me again.’

And you can tell she means it, too.

Well done, Lucy. She might take a while to warm to – but her bluntness, her straight-up ways and her no-nonsense way of speaking is the perfect way to be when ditching a useless, cheating boyfriend.

Cutting cheating exes out is the way forward – and Lucy Watson‘s made no bones about the fact that Spencer Matthews is no longer part of her life.

Go Lucy!

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