The part's open to all ages and genders, so what's to stop Paris Jackson?

I’ve got quite a fascination with Paris Jackson. For a start, her late dad was only Michael Jackson.

Secondly, she’s totally your average 15 year old (albeit with 1.14 million followers on Twitter), chatting about school, chai tea and Harry Styles online.

Which is kind of admirable seeing as her dad was, as mentioned, Michael freaking Jackson.

She also has great hair (not exactly a legitimate reason for liking someone, but, hey-ho).

So imagine my joy when Paris Tweeted that she wants to be the new Doctor Who?!

She wrote yesterday:

‘Omg i wanna be The Doctor… they said any age & gender, right?’

You go girl!

Matt Smith‘s leaving the show in December, so the part is totally up for grabs, and like Paris, says, it’s open to all ages – and WOMEN, too.

Will Paris get the part? Probably not – but I admire her ambition.

And on a side note, if a woman becomes the twelfth Doctor, I will be a very happy bunny indeed.

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