Mark is getting ready to salsa to success and grab the glitter ball

So, Mark Wright has announced he’s signed up for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, telling his Heart FM radio show listeners that he’ll ‘try hard’.

Mark, 27, confessed last night: ‘You know I can’t dance and all that, and I’ve got absolutely no rhythm and they call me “Marky no moves”, well… the dancing shoes are coming out, and once and for all I’m going to learn to dance!

‘Laugh all you want, like my friends and family have done, I don’t care, I’m gonna do it. I love a challenge.’

Well, if Mark really is as ‘amazing’ in the sack as ex-fiancée Lauren Goodger told Ricci Guarnaccio on Celebrity Big Brother, I’m expecting some impressive hip action.

Go, Mark, go! Show us you can bend a girl backwards with real fluid action.

I still dream of 2006 winner Mark Ramprakash who definitely knew how to swivel a pelvis and was beautiful to boot. Who knew a cricketer could be so damn hot?

If Mark No 2 Mark Wright isn’t afraid to ‘look funny in sequins’, then let’s hope – for Michelle Keegan‘s sake – he really isn’t as clueless at the cha-cha-cha as he claims.

I mean, George Michael knew what he was talking about when he wrote Careless Whisper and lamented: ‘I’m never gonna dance again, the way I danced with you.’

Sexy moves on a dance floor = sexy moves in bed.

A bloke who jerks around off the beat to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love at a wedding disco is not the guy any bridesmaid should bother to pull.

Enthusiasm isn’t enough. Never mind if he’s got a good job in IT and helps out at a cat rescue centre at weekends, the sex will be disappointing.

Let’s hope Mark is just being modest and inside that Essex bloke there’s the soul of a Brazilian salsa champ struggling to get out.

He may well spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, checking out the way satin flares hug his bum (still smarting after Kirk Norcross’s fat arse jibe), but that’s okay.

If Mark can dance well with simmering passion, I’ll be cheering him on.

So, Mark Wright, this how Mark Ramprakash won Strictly…

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