I’m majorly crushing on the Misfits star – who proves he can do more than just comedy. And don't forget the hair

Oh, Robert Sheehan. As standout star Nathan in E4’s Misfits, you were the curly-haired, Irish-accented, acid-tongued weirdo of my dreams. AND you looked hot in an orange boiler suit.

So when you left the show I cried. No, I really did. I still love Misfits – but it isn’t the same without you being a delinquent with the best jokes ever.

And I miss your hair. If I am ever reincarnated as a boy, I want to come back with hair like yours.

So imagine my joy when I tuned into ace BBC drama Accused last night. And you were in it, Robert Sheehan!

The BAFTA and Emmy winning BBC drama is back for a second series after the success of its first.

Each episode follows a different character who has been accused of a terrible crime. In Robert‘s case, it’s of the attempted murder of his stepmother, Charlotte, played by Sheridan Smith.

So Rob plays a troubled teen – and he’s left the comedy behind for straight up, gritty drama.

In Accused, his character Stephen hears voices, and believes that stepmum Charlotte is poisoning his family.

The stellar cast was topped off by John Bishop, who plays Stephen‘s dad.

With tons of twists and turns, this is one show you need to catch up on on BBC iPlayer if you haven’t seen. The end is jaw-droppingly brilliant. Well done, scriptwriters.

And Robert Sheehan was, of course, amazing. He didn’t crack a single joke, and was utterly believable as a troubled teen, proving he does’t need to be funny to be captivating on screen.

A star has well and truly been born – and I reckon Rob is soon going to be massive in Hollywood, too.

He’s currently filming The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, out in 2013 and also starring Lily Collins and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Yay!

Just promise me that you won’t disappear off to La-La land forever, Rob. We need you and your lovely head of hair in the UK. Ok?