I'm loving seeing our medal winning heroes take the spotlight

Drunken celebs? I love them. Knicker flashing? Yes please. Toppling over in six inch heels? Can’t get enough. Drunken snogs? Of course. Fights? Hell yes.

And back in the heyday of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and co, the obligatory oops, forgot my pants’ was the icing on the cake.

Hand a celeb a drink, and they’re almost guaranteed to do something silly.

Because really, they’re just like us mortals, except they have to deal with everything they do getting captured on camera.

But my fave new celeb trend is Olympic celebs having a well-deserved party!

And that’s because these guys thoroughly deserve to let their hair down and have a night out or six, after all the years of training they’ve put in.

Jessica Ennis, our Olympic sweetheart has been papped out with Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint, The Stone Roses and Example, to name but a few. Champagne in hand, of course.

She’s our golden girl, and right now, she deserves the limelight far more than the usual TOWIE lot.

I love you, Chloe Sims, Lauren Goodger et al – but right now I much prefer nosying on Jessica Ennis getting cosy with Goldie, and Rebecca Adlington being silly after-hours.

And don’t get me started on Usain Bolt and those Swedish handball players after hours in the Olympic park? Who doesn’t wish they’d been there!?


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