Leave the dead romance alone, kids, and move on!

Poor Joey Essex – he’s all confused by his ex, Sam Faiers.

We all thought that Sam had finally met her dream bloke in Elliot Wright (the taller but still scarily similar looking cousin of Mark Wright).

But, no.

Even someone as fit, flirty, and funny (ok, enough F-words) as Elliot can’t seem to stop Sam from messing with Joey‘s head (who she’s split from twice now – including a broken engagement).

Sam, who does stuff like wear sports bras in bed on last night’s TOWIE (see above), is still into Joey, you see, despite the massive chemistry she has with Elliot.


Can’t you see that ickle Joey is happier without you, Miss Faiers? He does stuff like impromptu breakdances (again, see above) when he’s not shackled to you.

Sam‘s reasons for wanting to get back with Joey?

If he really didn’t like the situation with Elliot then it’s hard because he’s not even trying,’ said something of the reason she’s been texting Joey

Erm, yeah. Don’t ask me. Just shaaaaatup or sumfink, Sam.

Joey. PLEASE don’t do it.

Sam made you cry last time. You broke up LOADS of times, including calling off a wedding.

In all seriousness, it’s not going to work!

And Sam – stick with Elliot. Your chemistry is kind of scary. And he is HOT!

Time to move on guys.

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