Jenny miraculously escapes the axe as Kevin gets the boot on The Apprentice

The Apprentice has always been a show that you watch behind your fingers, but damn it this week the hopefuls managed to take stupidity to a whole new level.

Making cards to celebrate an environment day. Now that’s just idiotic surely? Save the environment by chopping down trees to make a card. Hmmm. At what point did that seem like even a vaguely good idea?

Kevin did deserve to get the push after not only backing the environment card idea and doing possibly the worst and most aggressive pitch I have ever seen. However, his worst offense was using the phrase ‘150 per cent’. For the thousandth time, you cannot have more than 100 per cent you morons. Stop it.

However, the worst offender of all was Jenny and her Jimmy Hill chin. She’s a real nasty bit of work. Not only was the environment cards her idea, but she was beyond vile to Sara which was totally undeserved. She also made a child cry on their photo shoot. I think just with her face.

Why Kevin didn’t bring Jenny in to the boardroom with him beggars belief. However, what was much, much worse was the fact that they all turned on Sara back at the house. I don’t understand it, as far as I can see she contributed to every task and when she was project manager her team won.

Some readers may fancy Alex, but I personally think he’s quite a nasty bit of work being one of the main members of the group to resort to bullying. I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but Rafe was my hero. Not only did he stand up for Sara and demand they stop their bullying behaviour, but he was thoroughly nice and I hate to admit it, actually OK in the task.

Finally, may I make a special mention for Michael’s mental outburst when his team won. Not only is he a prize idiot, but the face Margaret made when she witnessed it which looked like she may have a stroke possibly made my year!

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