Why Jasmine has to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Celebrity Big Brother might as well rename itself as The Jasmine Lennard Show. She’s at the centre of every argument, make-up and shock moment.

Yep, she’s the self-named ‘queen bitch’ of the house. So she must stay in!

Last night we saw Jasmine acting every shade of crazy. First of all, she jumped into Rhian Sugden‘s bed, smothering a dazed Rhian with hugs.

Next up, she called Danica Thrall a ‘little prostitute’ (her words, not mine!). To her face, and EVERYTHING. Ouch. Danica ended up crying. Poor Danica.

In my eyes, all Danica has done to offend Jasmine is be really, really pretty. And Jasmine is probably VERY jel.

Later on, Jasmine apologized to Danica. Though she somehow made the apology all about herself.

I’m not exactly sure how the fact that Jasmine feels she’s been to ‘dark places’ means it’s ok to call poor old Danica a prozzie, but on Planet Jasmine, it’s a perfectly fine excuse for bad behaviour.

But it’s bad behaviour that I want to see more of!

Later on, Jasmine got all snuffly and weepy after Prince Lorenzo justified his reason for nominating her for eviction.

He ended up hugging her as she clung to him. WATCH OUT LORENZO! I spy a little princess who wants to be an actual princess…

Despite all this ridiculousness, Jasmine must be saved from eviction.

I say vote out dull Rhian Sugden. Save Jasmine! I want more fights, tears and weirdness. We all know that when CBB gets nice, it gets boring.

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