Katie and Peter reveal a bit too much about their sex life. Ewwwww...


I am still blushing and my boyfriend has just about managed to pick his jaw up off the floor after watching the latest installment of Katie And Peter: The Next Chapter.

This week they were celebrating their anniversary by returning to the set of I’m A Celebrity where they first met.

Now, I know first hand what a potty mouth Miss Price has, but quite frankly I was shocked that I now know all about – in graphic detail – their first sexual encounter. Any children reading this, please look away now or risk being scarred for life.

I now know that Katie asked him if ‘he wanted a suck’ then did it for ten minutes. Peter then finished himself off later. I also know that he touched her up in the bathroom.

If this wasn’t enough, Peter then demonstrated his favourite sexual position ‘the rock climber’ before Katie insisted he got off because her ‘tits were going to explode’. Beautiful and so very, very touching.

Now against my better judgement [and sanity] I can’t help but watch Katie and Peter every week. Not for Katie, but for Peter who is thick and adorable in equal measure.

I may have said this before, but it’s a bit like watching a puppy run into glass doors again and again and again. They also have very cute children.

However, this sex talk has to stop. Now. Please. Sadly, I won’t be holding my breath.