Jodie Prenger is Nancy...

Ladies and gentleman, we have our Nancy. I am smug to say that I predicted at the very beginning that Jodie would take the crown. However, I am a little bit disappointed at the result.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve actually met Jodie in the flesh and she was very nice indeed and in doubt talented, I just thought both Jessie and Rachel were better than her. However, I have no doubt she will do well in the West End and to be honest it’s not like any of the others are going to be without work if how the Jospeh’s have done since last year is anything to go by. She was just always a little bit too Jane McDonald for my liking.

However, I could have done without her reaction to winning, which was of Michael Sophocles proportions. Calm down woman!

Well done to the BBC all round though. When they do reality TV well [Castaway aside] they do it really well. Who would of thought old mashed potato face Andrew Lloyd Webber, was as funny and nice as he is?

Also, since Graham Norton has been hosting, his career has had a bit of a renaissance, with his current BBC2 chat show, head and shoulders better above any others on TV. Jonathan Ross watch your back!

Jodie belts it out on her way to the final…