Shipwrecked's Tom makes me want to napalm the islands...

I’m sure by next week I’ll hate her again, but for now I need to apologise to Susan on Shipwrecked. Her voice may grate to the point where I start seeing the bright lights that tell me to kill, but I would hate to find myself being put in the same category as arrogant snob Tom.

My dislike of Susan has nothing to do with her class or where she’s from, however that has a large amount to do with my intense dislike of Tom. Not only is he small-minded, lazy, selfish and generally vile, but he got the rest of the Tigers to use underhanded tactics so he could get off the island.

No matter how much I would have loved to have seen the back of Tom, if I was in the Tigers I wouldn’t have gone along with his plan to offer one of the new arrivals a guaranteed place on the island if he picked Tigers, and I was a little disappointed that they did.

What I am most upset about though is my prediction appears to be true that once Tom gets his place on the Sharks he sets about telling them about the Tigers plan and I’m pretty sure he’ll leave out the fact that it was his idea. I’m hoping he’ll have a lovers tiff with soul mate Danny and find himself without even the most annoying man in Shipwrecked history – Adam – for company

Meanwhile, over on Hawk Island Sarah wants to go home. Now while I feel for her because the others have been a bit mean, I’m not exactly devastated at her decision. Go Hawks!