The Hawks return to make the final decision in Shipwrecked 2008 and the Sharks are quaking in their boots...

One of my guilty TV pleasures [and believe me there are lots of them] is Shipwrecked. My boyfriend and I watch it every Sunday morning [him admittedly mainly for the ‘lovely’ Char on Hawk Island]. I love it and even though I know it’s a bit rubbish, I don’t care!

I want the Tigers to win more than anything. Even the Scouse girl who used to annoy me has grown on me and they have a genuine bond.

Meanwhile, on the Sharks I actively hate Lauren, Tom and Adam. The twin girl annoys me too. Danny is a bit cocky too. Oh, and I don’t like the posh boy who looks at his reflection all the time. So that’s about half the Island really.

Obviously if I had to chose, despite the fact they had no toilet roll and have to slaughter animals, I would have been on Hawk Island. Now I am praying that the Hawks will all pick Tigers and teach the Sharks a lesson.

I love the fact that Tigers were simply pleased to see the Hawks , while the Sharks were just worried that they wouldn’t win anymore. It wasn’t helped by a desperate Danny whining that they deserved it more. Why, I’m not exactly sure.

It particularly bothers me that quite a few of them are clearly after a media career, when to be honest they don’t really have that much of a chance.

My thanks to Holy Moly for drawing my attention to Adam’s wonderful media CV. Not only does it look like it was written by a dyslexic chimp with an out of control ego, but his self belief is hilarious [or Helerious as he spells it]

Have a look at the genius yourself, paying particular attention to the pictures of him boxing in his pants. Obviously.

See Adam’s CV>>