I love Christian and Syed, but this is a plot twist I didn't see coming, and I can't wait

Aww, Christian and Syed. Probably my favourite EastEnders couple (and definitely the best looking duo on the Square), they’ve had their ups and downs over the years.

But things have got a little bit stagnant recently.

As they plan their wedding, even moany-pants Zainab is getting into the swing of things and sharing – gasp – cuddles and smiles with Christian, her son’s boyfriend (who she once detested).

And Syed and his flipping cleaning products? Zzzzz. So he overbought a load of bleach and rubber gloves and is now desperately trying to flog it round the Square. So WHAT?

I’m SO bored of hearing about cleaning and watching Syed do this best ‘worried about money’ face.

I watch EastEnders when I’m NOT cleaning, yeah? I don’t need to be reminded about all the cleaning I’m not doing (er, loads) when I’m trying to unwind. Jeez.

So in steps Gary Lucy. And I am SO excited. This will be Gary‘s first ever gay scene as new character Danny Pennant.

Danny/Gary is set to kiss Syed – and finally take Syed‘s mind off scrubbing brushes. Woohoo!

Obviously, I don’t want to see Christian and Syed split up for good – they’re SO cute – but Gary Lucy is set to shake things up. Yay!

You can see Gary make his entrance in tomorrow’s episode. I predict he’ll go down a storm in the Square.

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