Sometimes it's the worst TV that gets the most views

Today the papers are awash (hoho) with stories that ITV’s new celebrity diving show, Splash!, has totally bombed (ha! Ok, I’ll stop now).

But it actually hasn’t – it pulled in 5.6 million viewers.

A total failure? I think not.

In comparison, Celebrity Big Brother‘s launch night attracted 3.5 million – and massive new period drama Mr Selfridge got 6.9 million.

So Splash! is actually quite a big deal.

Sorry, haters.

Yes, the camerawork left a lot to be desired (they kept excitedly zooming in randomly and going wonky. I presume the cameraman was getting hot under the collar over Jade Ewan from Sugababes in a gold glitzy bikini).

Tom Daley was a tad wooden (but still adorable).

And at an hour and a half, the show is a little bit too long.

Journalist Polly Hudson dubbed the show, So awful it makes Mark Wright‘s Hollywood Nights look like The Wire.’

And presenter Tim Lovejoy Tweeted, What’s going on? Is the joke on me? Am I being filmed on my sofa? #splash.’

But I still couldn’t take my eyes off the screen when Helen Lederer did her dive. She was clearly terrified, and afterwards in a state of shock after she managed (just) not to bellyflop.

See also: perfect makeup, promptly running down faces post-dive.

And the worse the dives were, the more hilarious the show got.

I hate to say it, but I am definitely going to be tuning in next week – Joey Essex is in the next heat.

And I reckon a lot of TOWIE fans will be tuning in too.

Like TOWIE, sometimes it’s car crash telly that proves to be the most addictive.

And you really can’t scoff at viewing figures of 5.6 million.

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