The 7th series of the gripping spy drama is out on DVD boxset now

Surprise is what keeps you alive in a world full of terrorists and traitors.

And after seven whole series spy drama Spooks is still going strong with fresh plots and the dangerous edge that any character is expendable – no matter how important.

Watching the show is just like watching real life news unfold – with the bonus that you’re actually in on the secret world of MI5.

Six months on from being held captive by mercenaries, agent Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones) is back and leading a team desperate to foil an Al-Qaeda plot to kidnap a British soldier.

Great news is that Richard Armitage, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham from BBC1’s Robin Hood, joins the cast as agent Lucas North who’s been held in a Russian prison for eight years.

Lucas owes his career to his mentor Harry Pearce (Peter Firth). But where do Lucas’s loyalties lie now? And who was the mole who betrayed him?

The four-disc boxset comes packed with eight hours of drama and extras including a ‘making of’ documentary, Spooks In Russia, and an action sequence featurette.

Spooks 7: Out now on DVD, price £39.99.

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Gillian Crawley