Raef is fired from The Apprentice despite his fabulous hair and impeccable dress sense...

Nooooooo! I can’t believe Raef has gone. I have to admit at the beginning I did think he was a total tool. However, while I didn’t think he was cut out to be Sir Alan’s Apprentice, I did like the cut of his jib.

Raef was smoother than a cashmere codpiece. You’ve got to admire a man who?s first thought when he’s told he will be directing an advert is that he needs to get his cravat on.

Raef also supplied some of my favourite lines of the series from him announcing that to be a size 26 you must like cake [a fair point, well made] to when the voiceover man announced last week: ‘Desperate measures are called for and Rafe slips into something fluffy.’

I did, however, manage to resist my friend’s request to join the The Raef Bjayou Appreciation Society group on Facebook. I like to think this is partly because of his slightly dubious friendship with Michael Sophocles. He has to be the most self important and annoying contestant this year and should clearly have been given the boot before Raef.

However, while he is top of my hate list at the moment [and I really do have one] Alex is actually climbing it pretty quickly too. Now I know many of you ladies have taken a shine to him, but it doesn’t stop him being remarkably rubbish and also arrogant.

Sir Alan also impressed me this week by summing up Claire’s boardroom technique as: ‘She’ll get her 500 rounds of bullshit out and stick it in her AK47 and deafen us all,’ which was frighteningly spot on.

However, Adrian Chiles wins this week after he described Michael as; ‘An odious little twat!’ Adrian, I think I love you!