Sir Alan gives Lucinda the boot as the final four in The Apprentice gear up for the last task...

As always you can’t beat the interview episode of The Apprentice. Lucinda sadly was the right person to go this week. Although she was a good project manager, she wasn’t a team player and although I wouldn’t have chosen the word ‘zany’ to describe her, she was always going to be a bit too feng shui for Sir Alan.

So the finalists are Claire, Alex, Helene and Lee. I still can’t decide who I think will win, but seeing that next week the teams will be split Alex and Helene Vs Claire and Lee, I’m hoping the latter team will triumph.

My dislike of Alex grows more and more every week. I just don’t see what it is they like about him. Not only did he stitch Lucinda up in the boardroom, but he’s insanely defensive about everything.

Alex is like a petulant child. He was also obsessed by the fact he’s only 24. Alright mate, it’s not like you’re a child prodigy? I don’t think he’s that fit either. There I’ve said it. Sorry, I just can’t fancy a grown man who wears Superman pajamas.

Claire earns £85,000 a year. How the hell??? As my boyfriend put it: ‘Empty vessels make the most noise’. Sadly I can’t print the rest of what he said because it involved several very crude words. I think she’s one of the best for the job, but it doesn’t stop her irritating me. Also I struggle to trust someone who has auditioned for Big Brother more than once and wants me to take them seriously.

I thought Helene came across well and has clearly fought to get to where she is, but I think she’s too bland to be The Apprentice. However, kudos to her for the following sentence: ‘I’m not used to being surrounded by 15 gobshites.’ Too true, too true.

Finally we have Lee. Normally when someone lies on their CV I jump on it with unadulterated glee, but with Lee I just felt bad for him. He clearly wasn’t good at school and seeing his CV I have a feeling he may actually be dyslectic. Also, if you were going to lie on your CV you would have thought it would be something better than about catering college. OK, so he’s not the most academic, he’s a bit cheesy and can be a total arse, but he’s the best of the bad lot and I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for him.

Let battle commence…