Jenny and Jennifer get the push on The Apprentice, but I want more...

I’m never happy. I spend weeks moaning that Jenny and Jennifer must go in The Apprentice, then when Sir Alan sacks them both all I can think is why didn’t he get rid of Michael as well.

This week’s episode of The Apprentice was quite spectacular. Having been to Marrakech and navigated the souks on my own, I know it’s not an easy task, but for anyone who had watched Bargain Hunt only once or even Car Booty for that matter, they could have done a better job of negotiating than Jennifer’s team.

Lee was overly aggressive and overly fond of doing his terradactyl impression as usual, but he did seem to be a good project manager. Well, he did some forward planning and was nice to Sara and Lucinda, which was an improvement.

Meanwhile, over on team arrogant, not only were they rubbish at closing a deal, they didn’t even bother to check they had the right items from the list. However, it was their use of bribery to try and beat the other team that really took the biscuit. Cheating always looks good on the CV after all though, doesn’t it?

However, my favourite moment of the evening was left to Jenny and Michael on their search for kosher chicken. I know more about Judaism than the pair of them combined and I’m Church Of England [although to be honest I have serious leanings towards Jedi].

What was even more pathetic than their attempt to get a Muslim to bless the chicken to make it ‘Kosher’ was Michael’s ridiculous crawling to Sir Alan by saying he was a good Jewish boy when he clearly isn’t. If this wasn’t enough he then crossed himself before going back into the boardroom. Arrogant little idiot.

As usual though I am loving Nick and Margaret. Nobody does withering like Margaret or bitterly disappointed like Nick. My parents would be proud of them.