The Situation and Danica are making plans to see each other outside of the Celebrity Big Brother house - but what are the downsides of a Big Brother romance?

Last night on Celebrity Big Brother we saw Danica and The Situation broaching the ‘are we going to see each other when we get out of here?’ topic.

Danica asked Sitch what he was up to after CBB, and he replied that he was going straight to the MTV Music Awards in the States. To which Little Miss Rinser replied, ‘ooh, bring me!’

Really Danica. You apparently have a boyfriend outside the house! I hope you’re either in on a plan together to make Sitch look silly – or your actual boyfriend has strong words with you the minute you get out.

Now, nothing has technically happened yet between The Situation and Danica. But it might do. And it’s plain to see that Sitch really wants it to. Last night he told Julie Goodyear that he really wants to settle down and ‘take care of a girl’.

If you’ve watched any Jersey Shore before, you’ll know that’s an unbelievable statement coming from the Shore‘s version of Mark Wright. But hey. Maybe he does.

I wouldn’t bank on Danica really wanting to be that girl, though. Nope, I think she’s mainly interested in Sitch because he’s a) really famous in the States b) loaded, and c) because she wants to stay in the house.

And what better way to win over the viewers’ hearts than with a romance?!

Hmmm. This strategy is likely to flop. For a start, the romance doesn’t ring true (Danica‘s also been busy flirting with Prince Lorenzo. And again, she has a boyfriend!)

So the viewers are probably going to end up voting her out for this reason.

And the other really bad part about hooking up in the house? If you have a fight then you’re stuck, no more than a room away from the angry party.

On second thoughts, I really think that Danica and Sitch should get together. Just so we get to see some bust ups.

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