Big Brother gets all 'Tricia' on us with some lie detector truths!

Ooh I do like a good lie detector test. Whether it’s the girl Kerry’s Katona’s husband is supposed to have slept with or, as Brian says, ‘someone on Trisha’ they’re great.

Gerry was the most revealing by the fact he admitted not only did he have a game plan, he would betray another housemate for £100,000 and also thinks he’s the most intelligent. It’s a shame because I think he may be pushing himself closer to being kicked out and he obviously knows it too.

Please don’t vote him out on Friday – at least he’s more entertaining than Kara Louise.

I can’t believe Ziggy was so naïve he didn’t realise Tracey thought his relationship with Chanelle was fake. Chanelle had tried to tell him what they’d said about them enough times.

I don’t see why Tracey should be a guru over Brian though. I know everyone seems to like her but she just keeps getting on my nerves [except when she’s drunk, of course].

For her being honest excuses anything, but it doesn’t excuse just being mean and let’s not forget only a few weeks ago she was best mates with Charley for crying out loud. I’m with Gerry on this one, she is sneaky and small minded. If Gerry wants to get botox who is she to judge. That is all.

Carole is the kitchen police, but I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t trust the others with my teabags, but I like the way Liam had a go at for talking behind other people’s backs when they all do it.

I am surprised at the lie detector revealing that Liam is jealous of Amanda and Brian. I believe him when he says he doesn’t fancy her, but I think he just doesn’t like someone else getting their attention. Selfish sod. I still like him though

I love that Brian was actually telling the truth about not knowing who Shakespeare was. I’m amazed, but glad that it seems that it really isn’t all a show.

His friendship with Liam is sweet too. OK so he’s not been dealing with things too well and needs to get over his insecurities, but vote for Brian. He’s no yoghurt top. If you want to see a journey in the house, he may be no Glyn, but he’s your man.