Sorry BBC! BGT has it in the bag for this year's rating wars against The Voice

I’ve tried with The Voice. I really, really have.

I love the BBC as an institution and really wanted its flagship singing competition to work out.

I like the premise that The Voice isn’t as mean as The X Factor. I like judges Danny O’Donoghue and (Jessie J and Tom Jones… I’ll come to them in a minute). And I like the blind auditions as an idea.

But it’s just… not working out.

I would say, it’s not you, it’s me, to the Beeb… but it’s you.

Basically, nothing seems to have changed from last year’s series. And this weekend I found the show hit new levels of tedium. Especially in comparison to Britain’s Got Talent.

The judges are still wearing the same clothes in each episode of The Voice (I know it’s for continuity, but it’s just weird). I feel for Jessie in that same old leather top…every week. And that nail art – she must be bored of it by now.

Changing the clothes each week would make the show feel like it’s evolving – instead it feels like it’s stuck in a time warp. 

And Jessie‘s constant crazy-face-pulling and singing along to tracks is also driving me mad. I don’t want to see you mouthing the words, Jessie – we’re trying to listen to the singers! 

And Tom Jones is mainly just having a Welsh love-in and talking about his beloved home country with every Welsh contestant on the show (pretty boring for those of us who aren’t Welsh. And I’m allowed to say this because my mum is Welsh).

And, yes, I’ll come clean – the show is too nice. The singers are all on an even playing field. It’s just not exciting without the twists and turns that Simon Cowell‘s shows provide.

I’m sorry, BBC!

Britain’s Got Talent trounces The Voice.

Simon Cowell being mean. Kids belting out songs with the power of Whitney Houston… and a man dancing with a broom dressed as nun.

Yes, it’s a sad day when a man dancing with a broom dressed as a nun is way more entertaining than one of The Voice‘s myriad of talented singers.

But it just is.

With 13 million viewers to The Voice‘s 6 million, it seems that the UK agrees, too.

Sorry, Voice.

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