Joey's promised to streak - but will he have the balls to propose to Sam live on TV?

TOWIE was back last night – and we saw Joey Essex (who earlier on in the episode declared that a cabaret is a ‘roof of a car’… oh, Joey…) discussing whether or not he should propose to girlfriend Sam Faiers, with cousin Chloe Sims.

To be fair, 31-year-old Chloe, who has a daughter, and a lot more life experience than our Joey, is definitely the one who Joey should turn to.

‘But does she deserve to get engaged to you right now? Do you think she’s the most amazing girl for you and loves you, loves you, loves you?’ Chloe asked Joey (ooh, their names rhyme. Never noticed that before).

‘I think so. I don’t know,’ replied Joey. Who totes wants Sam to be his wife.

‘Don’t make the same mistake I did. I was engaged at 21,’ replied Chloe.

‘But I think I’m ready!’ Protested Joey, all blue eyes and blushes. There should be a photo next to him in the dictionary for the word ‘bashful’.

Now, remember, Joey was crying his eyes out over Sam last series.

But I think he’s going to do it. And he’s spoken to the press, including Now magazine, about proposing to Sam.

The question is – will he propose TONIGHT, on TOWIE‘s first ever live episode?!

And he’s already joked to the The Sun today that he might even streak in tonight’s episode.

If he’s willing to get naked on live telly, is he willing to pop the question?

Is it time for yet another TOWIE engagement?! I can’t wait.

Come on, Joey! I dare you!

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