Vampire Bill and his human lover Sookie are back for a second bite in True Blood

Poor old Bill and Sookie (Anna Paquin) – will they ever get any peace?

If it’s not bad enough that they can’t spend their days together – on account of vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) catching a nasty dose of sunburn – their nights are interrupted by brattish new vampire Jessica, who Bill has to babysit as his punishment for killing one of his own to save Sookie’s life.

Meanwhile the police are hunting the killer of fake voodoo witch Miss Jeannette found behind Merlotte’s with her heart torn out.

Bar owner Sam (Sam Trammell) has enough to worry about already.

The sinister Maryann (Michelle Forbes) is back in town after seducing him 20 years before but this time seems to have evil designs on his barmaid Tara (Rutina Wesley).

One or two things worry me. 

Why does no one appear worried about the disappearance of Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) who’s languishing in chief vampire Eric’s basement watching his hapless companions being torn to shreds?

The other thing is the voices Sookie hears. They all talk at once. Either everyone is going to have to take their turn or I’m going to need subtitles.

True Blood Fridays 10pm FX


Gillian Crawley