Lily Allen turns her hand to presenting...

BBC Three has had a bit of a makeover and I’m not sure I like it. Then again I don’t think it was aimed at me, at least I hope it’s not. I’m getting on a bit now after all, I’m almost 30 you know although I am gripping onto my 20s in a rather ungainly fashion.

Anyway, I’m not keen on the people they have doing the links between shows. Give me some plasticine blobs over wannabe quirky TV presenters any day.

The first programme I sampled from the new BBC Three selection was Phoo Action, brought to us by Gorillaz and Tank Girl creator Jamie Hewlett and starring Jamie Winstone.

I’ve always loved Jamie Hewlett [although the Tank Girl film was rubbish] and I enjoyed Phoo Action, but I couldn’t shake thinking it was like The Mighty Boosh had made a kids TV show.

Jamie Winstone was good and looked so comic book it hurt, but even though there was swearing and fighting it seemed like a 13-year-old would have got more out of it than me.

Lily Allen And Friends was next and it wasn’t half as bad as I was scared it might be. I like Lily Allen and I think she did a pretty good job. It was a bit Lily obsessed though, which is OK for now, but it might get a bit boring after a couple of shows.

I laughed quite a lot,but I don’t know if that was more about her guest Peep Show’s David Mitchell than the quality of the show. Not a bad effort and if Charlotte Church can get away with it on Channel 4, then Lily can too on BBC Three.

Now where’s my pipe and slippers?