How to make your boyfriend squirm in one easy lesson...

Want to get your own back on your bloke for making you watch sport / sci-fi / Babestation [delete as appropriate] on TV?

The make him watch Bizarre ER on BBC3 on Wednesday nights.

I tuned in by accident last night and was able to watch with joy as my boyfriend squirmed as they reported on a man admitted to hospital for dropping a 60kg gearbox on his testicles.

This was followed by a couple of other penis related injuries and a pole dancer who fell on her pole and thought she’d broken her neck.

Admittedly I had to turn over when they started showing how they drained the puss from boils and blisters all over a man’s feet and generally the programme was a bit rubbish, but it was worth it to watch my other half go green.

Revenge is sweet.