Delia dishes up an unappetising TV feast...

Oh Delia Smith, I am very disappointed in you.

Now don’t get me wrong. I get a bit bored of Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall and Jamie Oliver on their food crusades [although, I do usually agree with them], Heston Blumenthal going on about sardine flavoured ice cream and Gordon Ramsay constantly swearing and obsessing about bollocks, but at least they’ll know how to do a cookery show properly.

I’m all for cheating in the kitchen and occasionally using a packet sauce rather than making it from scratch [OK I always use a packet sauce, but that’s not the point] Delia Smith has gone too far.

Not only did she suggest we use frozen discs mash, which looked as unappetising as it sounds, but offering up mince from a tin as another solution. Mince from a tin. Where I come that’s called cat food. It is also not the 1940s, rationing is over and we can actually buy our meat fresh.

I want my TV cookery shows to make me drool and dream I had a personal chef. Not feel sick.