A quiz show for anyone who ever had a note from their mum to excuse them from PE...

Geekier than a room full of trekkies speaking Klingon and discussing the pros and cons of Deep Space Nine versus Enterprise, Eggheads on BBC2 takes geekdom to a whole new level.

I have never seen more nerds in one place on TV in my life. The quiz show consisted of a group of role players competing against what I swear was their future selves. The clothes were ‘wacky’ and there were far too many haircuts that looked like they had been done at home. In the dark. While drunk.

I am sad. I like quizzes and I got quite a few questions right [yes I did, don’t doubt me!] However, I dress far too well to ever make it past the auditions for the show

I’m not mocking knowledge, I’m going much shallower than that. This critique is based simply on looks and the amount they enjoy Dungeons & Dragons.

Don’t worry about me though. Hollyoaks was on directly afterwards, so I was able to wash away all the intelligence with a good bit mind numbing tat. Perfect.