A marriage proposal on GMTV proves love is blind...

GMTV made my day this morning by showing possibly the most awkward ten minutes of TV so far this year.

Not since The Office has a TV show made me squirm this much, but GMTV managed it by screening a live marriage proposal.

With it being a leap year, Emma had decided to propose to her boyfriend of seven years, Mario, in front of all his work colleagues and on live TV. Surely a recipe for disaster?

Not only did Mario look shell-shocked when she asked him, but he didn’t exactly seem thrilled by the situation. Of course he said yes, but he kind of had to really. It was painful to watch.

His excuse for not proposing was doing DIY for seven years, which to me just shows a man who doesn’t want to get married so much so he would rather spend his weekends grouting the bathroom tiles.

Both the female and male presenters were amazingly insincere and even Penny Smith looked like she was about to burst out laughing when they returned to the studio.

There is a bit missing from this clip because they cut it before the rather annoying male presenter asked Mario why he had never proposed during all the romantic holidays they had been on, to which he replied: ‘She booked them!’ I think really that says it all.

I would, however, like to say I truly wish them all the best.

Watch for yourself [and keep an eye out for the unfortunate expression they have managed to freeze frame on at the end]….

PS: Don’t read the comments below the clip on the youtube page they are too, too, cruel.