Kerry Katona's car crash life is painful, but strangely addictive viewing...

Why Kerry Katona is labouring under the belief that people like her because she farts I really don’t understand.

Rather than endear me to Kerry, as was clearly her hope of her new reality show, it just made me dislike her even more.

Her husband managed to come off worse though. Mark doesn’t appear to be able to say anything without some kind of filthy unfunny innuendo or fart joke included.

Kerry appears to buy his affection with fast cars and expensive brandy that he doesn’t deserve, then he tells her she that makes everything about money. Yes Mark, well she would when you’re happy spending it all.

Also, making jokes about having sex with your pregnant wife while she’s asleep doesn’t make you the dream husband either.

It really annoys me that Kerry moans about everyone selling her out, especially when she’s happy to let the cameras follow her around 24/7 in exchange for cash.

Kerry has made selling every occasion in her life into an art form matched [and may I say also beaten] only by Jordan. However – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – Jordan does it with a bit more finesse.

It’s all well and good being angry with your mum for selling stories on you, but when you then turn around and accuse her of being a money-hungry cokehead you’ve kind of lost the higher ground.

I wish someone in Kerry’s life would give her the love she so obviously craves, but watching Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love, that isn’t going to happen any time soon.