Lost is back and still no closer to revealing what the hell is going on...

Lost has to be the most infuriating programme I have ever watched. I was genuinely excited at its return and I enjoyed watching it, but it makes me want to scream!

I want some answers goddamnit! If I could sit and watch it back to back, even if it took a week with no sleep, just to finally find out what the hell was going on I would do it. My brain can’t take the strain anymore.

The flash forwards just give me more questions – I now know that six of them get off the island and three of those are Hurley, Jack and Kate, but who else and why only them? Why does Hurley now wish he went with Jack? Why do they need to go back?

Meanwhile, back on the island I want to know who the hell is on that boat? Where have all the other Others gone? And who or what freaky scary Jacob is? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHAT IS GOING ON?????????????

I’ll watch it all, I know I will, but damn this series better have a good pay off and not just go all Twin Peaks on me. If it does, I swear on my one-eyed cat’s life that I will hunt show creator JJ Abrams down and make him wish he was stranded on a Island.