Skins shows how to make a teen drama without all angst...

You’ve got to admire a programme like Skins. In the first series they introduced us to Tony, one of TV’s most hateful characters. Then, rather than make us like him, they slap him in the face with a bus.

When the new series began last week, for once there wasn’t some miraculous recover. Tony was actually a shell of the person he once was. Nicholas Hoult does himself proud, but Skins isn’t just all about him.

The characters are well observed and generally not just stereotypes of what TV producers in their 30s think they should be.

The female characters still need a bit more work. However, the stalker girl, Lucy, who they introduced in tonight’s episode was one of their best yet. I could have done without her ahem, pleasuring herself, on Maxxie’s bed, but she was a good actress and genuinely freaky.

Skins is one of the few programmes that can juxtapose something really quite funny, with another scene, which is either extremely harsh or heartbreakingly accurate.

The guest appearances are always pretty inspired too. Bill Bailey was great as Maxxie’s dad last week and this week the writers did something I never expected. They gave Shane Richie a guest role where he proved – wait for it – he can act. Who’d have thought it, eh? Comedy timing and everything. Very impressed.

However, most kudos goes to whichever writer wrote the final scene where, to prolong his performance in bed, Anwar had to recite Hugh Grant’s filmography revealing that he never gets as far as About A Boy. Genius.