Trinny and Susannah fondle their way around the UK, Gordon cheats in Spain and the celebs in the jungle make me ill...

I’ve never been a big fan of Trinny and Susannah, all that prodding and poking always seemed a bit much for me.

However, watching Trinny and Susannah Undress The Nation I saw the ladies in a new light. I actually quite enjoyed it and learned a lot. I have a feeling I am a ‘cello’ and I can now live with that.

They still prod, poke, grab and molest, but there’s actually something quite nice about them even though they are two shouty, pushy, posh birds.

I particularly liked how they dealt with a group of pagans protesting about them using a chalk man in the hillside for the show. Susannah was patient, firm and finally told the leader that he really should wear a wider belt.

While Trinny and Susannah took me by surprise, Gordon Ramsay let me down.

I always feel a bit ripped off when rather than giving you a new episode simply shows 45 minutes of an old one before giving you a quick update like Kitchen Nightmares did tonight.

Admittedly it was a good restaurant to revisit [prawns with chocolate sauce and kebabs that looked like ‘donkey dicks’], but I expect more Gordon!

Unfortunately, due to ‘medical reasons’ I cannot write much about I’m A Celebrity this evening, except to say I have sent my letter to producers requesting Rodney, Lynne and now John be placed in the air tight container filled with bugs until the series ends. I am awaiting their response with baited breath. Come on, how can they say no?