Marc gets kicked out and returns to the wrath of his girlfriend...

I am so on team Janice. I love her reactions and the way she tells Lynne to shut up when she’s spouting her zen rubbish.

I particularly admired the way she pretended to try and kiss Dec with a huge stick insect in her mouth, then telling Lynne who had a bug in her mouth that she actually looked ‘kind of chic.’

Yes, she is self-obsessed, but she’d admit that herself and I’d rather her ranting than Gemma being silent.

John is scaring me. I don’t like the way when he gets angry he doesn’t blink. It’s freaky.

I was a little surprised at Marc getting kicked out, but I’m glad the voters didn’t blame Cerys, after all she hasn’t done anything and he’s the one with the girlfriend.

I almost feel a bit sorry for him, although more for his girlfriend. I’d rather dead-eyed Katie had gone.

‘I liked to blank out anything that I might miss,’ he told Ant and Dec – well you certainly did that one, mate!

I’ve never seen anyone want to get out of there as quickly as he legged it from the interview with the stern look of a man in deep trouble.

Any thought of it being a PR stunt has gone out of my mind as he would need to be an outstanding actor to have pulled that one off and I used to watch him on EastEnders.