Josie and John leave, while Victor, Michelle and 'Mr Snuggles' arrive...

Ultimate Big Brother is nothing if not eventful. Tonight we’ve had one eviction, one housemate doing a runner, two ex housemates going in [sort of] and the scariest thing I have ever seen on TV [apart from Kinga].

Lets begin with the eviction. John McCririck got his wish. He is no longer a housemate. I think I would have preferred Coolio to go to be honest. See people, this is why your votes does count. While John is vile and has the disturbing ability to raise bile just by flashing his oversized underpants, I like that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. However, once he took his vow of silence there wasn’t really any point in him being there.

Next up we have the walker. Josie is the exception to the rule. I don’t blame her for walking one bit and I think it was probably the right decision. OK she could have won and been lovely, but I think I’d like to view this series as a separate entity from Big Brother 11. Of course the exception to that rule is Sam Pepper going in.

There was also a random appearance from BB1’s Darren Ramsay. He’s aged very well. However, his whole task fell a bit flat. Nasty Nick looked really uncomfortable as if he was scared he was going to be framed for something and it freaked everyone out, but it was actually a bit pointless and boring. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but the bar has been sent higher this series than ever before. That is all.

Next up we have the new arrivals. Two housemates who I have always believed should be in there [even though I don’t like them much] Victor Ebuwa and Michelle Bass re-entered via the infamous bedsit. Victor seems to be exactly the same, while Michelle appears to have completely changed her accent and now sounds a bit like a posh cockney. She couldn’t carry of ‘no naked jacuzzi ness!’ anymore. The bedsit sets me on edge and it could all end in tears. In fact it almost had m wetting my pats in terror when they sent in Mr Snuggles the most terrifying clown I have ever seen.

Victor made the choice Big Brother was after when they chose to inflict Mr Snuggles on Nikki. The screaming from her and Chantelle when he entered the house grew to such a level only dogs could hear them. To be fair eve the blokes ran away from him and if I was her I would be weeing my pants and having nightmares for years to come. Big Brother you are beautifully twisted!