Hurricane Lucy has swept into Made In Chelsea and basically ruined everything. Yay!

She’s not likeable. At all. But Made In Chelsea‘s mean girl and self-confessed player’, Lucy Watson, has her place on the show.

And Spencer Matthews, Chelsea‘s resident axis of evil, needs to watch out or she might take his place as chief corrupter of relationships.

I am not a robot,’ Lucy swore to Binky last night, but you could have fooled me.

I reckon Lucy is a weird android pulling machine sent from the future by producers to jazz up the show.

Since joining, Lucy has dated Andy Jordan and texted Spencer behind Louise‘s back.

And as of last night’s show, she also claims to have snogged Jamie Laing – and has had a past fling with new girl Olivia Newman-Young‘s boyfriend, too.

She so is a robot. Who’s got the time for all that kissing, really?!

Jamie whispers to Andy, I swear Lucy Watson is stalking me.’ Before organising a ski trip, and inviting Lucy along. Jamie, you’re kind of asking for it…

‘I’ll teach you how to ski,’ Jamie says to Lucy, and Lucy retorts, I’ll teach you more than that.’ Blush!

However, once the ski gang are chilling out and doing the après ski thing (hot tubs and fondue, of course), Lucy realises that Jamie’s got designs on new girl

Phoebe Lettice Thompson, not her.

Why don’t you just kiss with tongues and take it to the next level?’ says Lucy to Phoebe Lettice and Jamie, sucking the life out of the party. Cue an awkward silence.

Ouch. Looks like robot Lucy likes to get her way when it comes to boys.

But that’s not all. Next up, Lucy gets into a fight with other interchangeable blonde newbie, Olivia.

Olivia tells Lucy that she found messages on her ex boyfriend’s phone – from Lucy. Lucy shrugs and admits to having a thing with him. Olivia cries and accuses Lucy of having a reputation’. More ouch.

Lucy cries too, but I swear those tears aren’t real. They’re made from leftover snow. Or wine.

As if that isn’t enough, once everyone gets home, Lucy reveals that she – gasp – kissed Jamie after all on the ski trip – off camera! The scandal never ends with Lucy.

In comparison, this week Spencer is being positively delightful, up against Lucy, anyway. He’s even wearing a chunky knit and matching hat (Millie Mackintosh dubs his look the chubby baker boy’).

Better up your game, Spennie. Or even join forces with Lucy and make evil, evil babies.

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