Atomic Kitten? Liberty X? Gimme a break. I'm captivated with 5ive's back story of fights and drugs (oh, and I still fancy them loads)

I was obsessed with 5ive when I was a youngun’. I was in the fan club and everything (I wish I’d kept those newsletters now).

The Big Reunion on ITV2 has been a smash hit, and has been ITV2’s highest rated new show in terms of viewing figures each week since 2008, opening with 1.2 million viewers! Whoop, because I am addicted.

And this addiction is mainly because of 5ive. Their inclusion in the show was a genius move by the producers, if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the other bands too, but none have me on the edge of my seat like 5ive – mainly because 5ive have arguments of volcanic proportions every five minutes.

When 5ive aren’t on screen I’m rooting for their next appearance.

They’ll be having a calm discussion round a table about, oh, a harmony, or who’s going to rap the verse that AWOL member J Brown should have rapped – before Sean/Scott/Ritchie suddenly start screaming at each other, barging past each other and swearing like your crazy old auntie.

Whilst uber-cutie Abz, sits looking confused in the corner (wearing his trademark unicorn baseball cap, always).

One of the biggest revelations of the series has been just how badly 5ive behaved at the height of their fame (I obviously had no idea, because I was only a kid).

Yeah, we all know that pop stars pull. And party. But 5ive were on a whole new level.

Drugs, girls, violence – the band just simply couldn’t behave, and have described themselves as a train wreck’.

Ritchie Neville from the band has dubbed them delinquents’. Oh dear (but all the more fascinating!).

And poor, lovely Abz ended up on a cocktail of drugs once the band ended. I had weed hanging out of my mouth and cocaine all over me,’ he’s said. And even confessed that he wanted to die’. Yikes.

Let me give you a hug, Abz! No. Really.

The rest of the bands? Well, I love me some 911, but maybe I was a little bit young for them, because I had absolutely no idea they were actual, properly amazing dancers.

I find B*Witched irritating beyond belief and Liberty X totally blah (though I have loved seeing them dancing with their canes again).

And Atomic Kitten – gimme a break!

Obviously they’re fascinating too, especially with Kerry Katona back on board (all the bands are, seeing the negative effect that fame had on the pop stars is often harrowing), but the Kittens they just remind me of getting bitchy with my mates at school about who had the best hair/make-up/boyfriend. Snooze.

Give me more 5ive! I want the lads to get their own reality show after The Big Reunion is done – they’re that mesmerisingly angsty and amazing – and still hot.


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