An X Factor wannabe goes crazy when she’s rejected as bosses claim they want more Frankie Cocozzas…


Being told you’re average by Nicole Scherzinger isn’t going to be anyone’s career highlight, but for most of us, if we walked on stage in front of the X Factor judges to be turned down, we’d be a little bit gutted.

However, in Cardiff Pink tribute act Zoe Alexander, 22, went apocalyptic with rage when Gary Barlow said he didn’t rate her and Tulisa and Louis Walsh agreed.

Not content with some swearing usually reserved for an episode of The Thick Of It, Zoe dropped the C-Bomb calling the judges a bunch of c**ts’.

She also threw down her microphone, came back on stage with her dad to have a go and then pushed over a female producer on her way out.

Now while I don’t condone any of this behaviour – especially violence – and I didn’t see it with my own eyes, if Zoe and her dad’s version of events is to be believed, then they may have strung her along a bit.

Zoe‘s father claims she was told which Pink song to sing and to give it plenty of attitude, which led her to believe that she was a sure thing to go through.

Was it a set up? Of course the X Factor want optimum drama and the most publicity possible and someone losing it is always going to grab our attention and then some ratings.

Then again, obviously no one can know someone’s reaction to not making it through is going to be that extreme, but you’ve got to admit that once again this has got Simon Cowell a show of his on the front pages.

I would hasten to point out though that the X Factor have hit straight back saying Zoe‘s claims are ridiculous’ and that she was treated like any other contestant’.

There’s also a rumour that this year’s wannabes will be living in a five-star central London hotel as show bosses try to create, and I quote: an army of Frankie Cocozzas‘.

Dear lord. Surely that’s something we can all live without?

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